Neighbors save house on Friar Road from fire


Dear Editor,
Back in February, Denise and Jeff McMahon were driving by our house and noticed smoke and flames in our garage. My wife was at home alone and was totally unaware of the fire. Jeff turned their car around and pulled up on our driveway and quickly proceeded to drag a garden hose out to extinguish the fire and to back my wife’s car out of the garage with assistance from our neighbors, Kay (Denise’s sister) and her husband, Delvin Arndt. 
The heat from the fire they extinguished was very intense and was probably only moments from reaching 15 gallons of gasoline stored in the garage for the riding lawnmower. 
I want to publically acknowledge these four heroic good samaritans for their quick action to avert what could have been a very disastrous fire.
Carver Richards
Friar Road
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