Pat Koranek is proud to have served Cuero ISD


Dear Editor,
I had the honor and privilege of serving on the Cuero ISD Board of Trustees for 29 years. I worked with five superintendents during that time. In those 29 years, there were 348 regularly scheduled monthly meetings. There were several special called meetings for hiring superintendents and athletic directors, workshops for budgets and facilities, countless hours of school board training, meetings with attorneys and various other things. During that time, I missed a grand total of less than five meetings when the board came together.
I took my position seriously on the board and never had a personal agenda. I was called many parents who had questions. When I couldn’t answer them, I found the answer and returned the class. I always took a stand on the motions and never once did I abstain for voting.
My purpose in serving on the board was the students, teachers, administrators and taxpayers. There were so many good things that happend in our school district, and I feel certain there are more good things to come. 
The support given to me by the voters in district 4 through the years was much appreciated, and I thank each of you. 
The morning after the election, I called the newly elected board member, Courtney Toller Moore, and wished her the very best while serving our district.
Proud to have served,
Pat Koranek
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