Memorial Day storm rips through Yorktown area


It was a Memorial Day Yorktown residents won’t soon forget.  
Thunder boomed, lightning flashed, hail pounded rooftops and high winds toppled trees in the early morning hours of Monday, May 26, Memorial Day.  But despite all this drama, perhaps the most popular legacy of the storm was the rain -- over 3 inches -- that had everyone most excited.
“I’ve never seen it that high,” was one comment heard about the swollen Coleto Creek which flows through downtown.  “It was almost up to the old FFA building,” was another comment.  Late Monday evening, evidence of the flooding water was still visible in the debris it piled up against the Fifth Street bridge where raging water still flowed underneath.
Across town, residents were emerging to get first glimpses of damage to their homes and yards.  Trees were down and homes were left in the dark through power outages.
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