EPA's proposed rule could hurt farmers, ranchers


Farmers and ranchers from DeWitt County are telling Congress, “It’s time to ditch the rule.” The campaign is aimed at a new rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency through the Clean Water Act that would essentially give EPA additional regulatory authority.
If this rule is enacted, the implications to farmers and ranchers could be devastating. The rule would allow the agency to take the phrase ‘navigable waters’ out of its definition of what can be regulated under the CWA. Without the ‘navigable’ clarification, the EPA would have power over all bodies of water including the water standing in my field or running in a ditch after a rain.
The ruling could have implications for homeowners, builders and businesses as well. Ponds, drainage, seeps and others areas where water stands would all come under EPA regulation. This could give the EPA authority to tell us what we can or cannot do on our farm, home and businesses.
Additional information about the Ditch the Rule campaign and EPA’s proposal is available at DitchTheRule.FB.org.
By Wayne Wolfe
DeWitt County Farm Bureau president
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