Fales presents Bell Award to Linscomb

The Cuero High School Bell Ceremony was held May 22. Hunter Fales presented an award to Zach Linscomb. Following is Fales' dedication speech.

As I reflected on my years in Cuero ISD schools and whom to write this for, I was having a difficult time. I have had so many people in our school district that have impacted my life in different ways. I feel blessed to have had numerous teachers as well as coaches help teach, support and encourage me through my years here in Cuero. After much thought, I decided on a teacher and coach that has not only impacted my life but inspires me to pay it forward. Although I’m writing this speech to honor him, my words cannot describe how much credit this teacher deserves for mentoring me.
As a student, this teacher’s class was never dreaded. If not a history lesson, there was always a “life lesson” taught. He would jokingly say this, but in reality, he did teach us life lessons I will never forget. Interestingly enough, this teacher and I share an appreciation for Chris Farley. Whenever there was a need for his signature, I knew I could get his “Herbie Hancock” or a good laugh on the “life lesson” about living in a van down by the river from Matt Foley. There was never a dull moment as he would consistently joke with the class and tell us his life experiences that had us falling out of our seats. Each day, students would walk into class with a smile on their face, because we knew he was ready to teach us with his style that was like no other. All fun aside, I give him credit for my perfect score on this History TAKS test. He put his unique twist on history which made the subject go from boring to exciting.
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