Gobbler Stadium work increases reserved seating


When the Gobbler Stadium home stands are completed where will the individuals who had season tickets sit? This was a cause of concern to some season ticket holders since seven rows were removed from the top in order to rebuild the press box.
Cuero ISD superintendent Jim Haley said, “Some of these people have had their seat 35-40 years sitting with their friends and their group. We respect that. We did not want to disrupt that cohesiveness and that social aspect of it.”
The Gobbler Stadium’s seating is nearly dismantled. The home side is just a metal frame. Foundation work is to begin immediately after dismantling has been completed. On the visitors side forms are being placed for the new foundation and pillars. 
“Everything is on schedule to be fully erected and replaced by our first home football game this next school year,” Haley said.
The new stadium will have the capacity to seat 7,000 people. The home side will have 4,000 seats and the visitors side will have 3,000 seats.
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