PWE announces proposed facility in DeWitt County


Petro Waste Environmental, a San Antonio based company that processes non-hazardous oilfield drilling by-products today announces its proposed state-of-the-art facility in DeWitt County, half a mile outside of Nordheim. PWE has formed a strategic alliance with Pyote Water Systems. The proposed PWE facility, listed on the permit as Pyote Reclamation Systems, LLC, will be built near the existing Pyote facility.
“PWE’s services are an integral part of the drilling process during this exciting time in the Texas oil and gas industry,” said George Wommack, CEO of PWE. In 2011 alone, the oil industry produced directly and indirectly an economic output of $1,629,619,284 to DeWitt County. The local government revenue to the county in 2011 was $22,178,328, not including the school district tax revenue. PWE will also be providing numerous jobs to the area. In 2014 alone, it is projected that 200 additional wells will be drilled in DeWitt County. By 2021 the projected total economic output for DeWitt County is $7,534,000,000.
In addition, the proposed facility, centrally located 75 miles closer than similar facilities, is estimated to result in 675,000 fewer miles traveled by transport trucks each year which will lessen wear and tear on the county highways and reduce impact to the environment.
PWE is dedicated to high standards of safety and compliance. The company is working with the best engineering firms to create state-of-the-art facilities using world-class technology including high-tech automation and monitoring systems which supplement the functions of onsite personnel. 
“We are investing substantial resources in every aspect of the planning and designing of our facilities, taking every precaution to provide the highest level of safety for all involved,” Wommack said.
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