Rain gamble pays off for crop tour committee


It was a DeWitt County Row Crops Tour that almost wasn’t.
Standing in the drizzly weather at the first stop on the tour at the Fred and Chad Hahn farm, DeWitt County Extension Agent Anthony Netardus spilled the beans what really happened concerning the tour.
“What Chad didn’t tell you is that we almost didn’t have a tour,” Netardus said after Hahn gave a brief history on the corn crop in his field. Hahn said the field was planted on February 28 with marginal moisture noted in the ground. He said the area received 1 1/2 inches of rain two to three days later, stating the corn then came up, but very dry conditions existed. Hahn concluded stating they decided to wait and see what the corn did.
Netardus said, “We had a row crops tour meeting on May 9 to decide what to do. We were debating on whether to have the tour since it hadn’t rained. But then it rained that day.” 
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