Reader questions lack of outrage


Dear Editor,
For many years regional newspapers have served as representatives of the citizens who are their subscribers and readers in particular areas.
The citizen questions the complacency of regional newspapers that show extremely limited concern for activities which may have adverse effects on those who make up the base of its support.
Actions or lack of action of an administration which apparently has a turned blind eye to one situation after another would appear to be a cause for published concern.
Scandals have surfaced in may areas: the loss of unprotected American lives in foreign countries, the loss of American prestige in the international community, an ineffective and corrupt Veterans Administration, Gestapo-like authority attributed to the International Revenue Service, selective law enforcement, porous borders, a bureaucratic nightmare erroneously named the Affordable Care Act, and an American Marine held prisoner in Mexico.
My question... Where is the outrage?
John Caldwell
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