Man questions arrest and charge


Dear Editor,
A 60-year-old senior citizen was arrested for allegedly assaulting his 25-year-old girlfriend with a knife. The 60-year-old man took the knife away from the 25-year-old woman when the young woman pulled the knife from her back pocket to use as a weapon on the 60-year-old man. The 60-year-old man grabbed the knife and was cut on the hand, as was the young woman. 
Now, is it fair that the senior citizen gets arrested and charged for assault? The young woman was not arrested. Does he not have rights to defend himself from a person trying to do him harm? Fair or not, I say, when a senior citizen is attacked by a far younger person, should we then lock up the senior citizen because, for once, he refused to become the victim? To put blame on the 60-year-old senior citizen and let the 25-year-old girlfriend free is a crime in itself. We should applaud the 60-year-old man for not letting himself become the victim of a much greater crime — perhaps even murder.
Jose B. Salas
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