Missing Yorktown woman found dead


The search for a missing 79 year-old Yorktown woman ended Monday morning when officers discovered her body in the back seat of a neighbor’s vehicle less than a block away from her home. 
According to Yorktown Police Chief Paul D. Campos, the body of Mary Wuensch was discovered in the back seat of a neighbor’s Nissan Maxima by officers of the DeWitt County Sheriff’s Department at approximately 9:58 a.m. Monday. Justice of the Peace Bill Robinson pronounced Wuensch deceased and her body was released to Massey Funeral Home in Yorktown.
Campos said Wuensch was reported missing at noon Sunday by her son and daughter-in-law, who reside in Goliad. They found the back door open to her residence at 602 E. Second Street and could not find her. Wuensch lived near San Luis Church with an open pasture near her home.
Campos said the Yorktown Police Department completed a missing person’s report and then, along with the DCSO and DPS officers, began searching for the woman around her residence, as well as at area motels, baseball fields, etc. At approximately 2 a.m. on Monday, Campos contacted the Connally Unit in Kenedy to obtain service of the search dogs to help aid in the search and DPS was preparing to call in a helicopter as well before she was found later that morning at a residence just down the street from her home. 
Campos said foul play was not suspected, noting the woman still had her purse with her when she was discovered by DCSO officials.  Campos also said the woman had reportedly wandered off on Saturday, July 26, when a neighbor found her getting into a parked vehicle. He also noted that the woman had an appointment later this week for an evaluation.
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