Small town but surprising talent


Dear Editor,
Yorktown is a small town but it is surprising how many fine, talented people live and work here. I was having a “little pity party” a few weeks ago. No real reason just a down in the dumps day. It was about that time the most beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived from the one flower shop in town. It was elegant.
Now of course, you expect to receive what you pay for but the person creating that special bouquet may be skilled, but not an artist like Marie Metting-Boles.
Someone calls her shop and requests a bouquet for whatever reason. Marie and her staff go to work. She is responsible for representing that request.
When Marie is free to design and create her own floral masterpieces, be prepared to hold onto your hat! It will take your breath away.
Maybe time or distance has made it impossible to speak in words to someone, but you can trust Marie to speak for you in a special, one of a kind bouquet.
Thank you Marie for your sincere efforts to accomplish this.
Toby Valdéz
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