iPad found at HEB is returned


Dear Editor,
My husband and I have a small place outside of Cuero that we like to visit. Recently we were visiting and needed some supplies. We went to the DeWitt County Producers Coop, then to HEB. We picked up a few necessities and returned to our farm. The next morning I looked for my iPad, and finally decided I had not brought it with me. We returned to our apartment in Corpus Christi. But, my iPad was not there. I was crushed because my iPad was new — a gift from my children with a picture of my great grandson. I was just lost without my iPad.
The next day I received a call from HEB saying a customer found my iPad in a basket in the parking lot and turned it in. They had found the receipt from DeWitt County Producers Coop, and they told them who we were and how to reach us. Our son was on his way to Beeville and he went and picked it up.
I don’t believe I would ever have gotten my iPad pad back in any other place but Cuero. Take pride in your Cuero community because it is very special.
Laura Atzenhoffer
Corpus Christi
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