Police arrest Yorktown man after he stabs firefighter


A Yorktown volunteer firefighter was stabbed and taken to an area hospital and a 36 year-old Yorktown man taken to jail following an altercation on West Sixth Street on Tuesday night.
Yorktown Police Chief Paul D. Campos, said Kirk Ross Engle, of Yorktown, was taken to the DeWitt County jail and charged with aggravated assault on a public servant on a first degree felony after setting fire to a couch and a city dumpster before turning on and stabbing a Yorktown Volunteer Firefighter who responded to the scene.
Campos said a call came in approximately 8:50 p.m. with a report of a car fire at a residence at 411A West Sixth St. Yorktown Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene where they found the Hispanic suspect, who proceeded to scream and holler at them. The suspect then stabbed fireman Brian Smolik in the left lower abdomen. Erik Helbing, another fireman on the scene, grabbed Smolik and got him to safety before calling the DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office and 911. Campos said Engle likewise made a swing at another fireman, Monnie Riedel, who was also at the scene of the fire.
Officer Josh Serbin, who was handling a call for a family dispute at the Indianola Apartments when the call came in for the fire, arrived at the scene only to find Engle had fled on foot. Serbin then went to the home of the suspect’s mother, but Engle wasn’t at her residence. With Campos cruising the field and Serbin searching the area, a call came in within 10 minutes with reports of the suspect being seen walking at the 600 block of North West Street. Serbin, who was just two blocks away, reported to the area and spotted the suspect attempting to enter a residence on Kraege Street.
Serbin detained the suspect, who was then double handcuffed and taken into police custody. Campos said the suspect did not have a knife in his possesion at the time of the arrest. 
According to Campos, Engle had reportedly set the fire in hopes of luring a police officer to the scene so he could be once again taken into custody or possibly intended suicide by cop. Campos said he had received threats from Engle in the past and he may have been the intended target for the attack. 
Campos said additional charges may be filed against Engle, including possible arson charges.
As of Thursday morning, Smolik remains in ICU at DeTar Hospital Navarro, according to Darryl Smolik of the Yorktown Fire Department.
The DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Rangers and Texas State Fire Marshal are assisting in the investigation. Campos said the knife has not been recovered.
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