Fireman at home recovering from attack


Resting comfortably on the living room couch with his wife and baby girl beside him, Yorktown volunteer firefighter Brian Smolik calmly used two words to sum up the recent stabbing ordeal he endured while responding to a fire call -- “I’m here.”
Smolik, 30, was stabbed on Tuesday, August 19, while responding to a fire call at 411A W. Sixth Street, which is just around the corner from his residence at 223 N. Menhert Street.  Kirk Ross Engle had set fire to a couch and a city dumpster when Smolik approached him and told Engle he couldn’t burn in the city limits.  Smolik said he turned to get something off the fire truck when Engle struck him from the side.  Engle was later apprehended, taken to jail and is now facing charges in the stabbing.
Smolik said, “I didn’t even know I was stabbed at first.  I just held pressure on it and did what I could do.”  Smolik quickly raised his camoflage t-shirt to show the now-bandaged wound site.
“This was a new experience for me,” Smolik said. “No one wants to get stabbed.”
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