It's just not right!


Dear Editor, 
When I looked at the Yorktown ISD proposed budget for 2014-2015, I was appalled.  If I read the proposed budget correctly, we are planning to spend just under $6M locally on educating our kids and over $18M is being sent back to the state under chapter 41?  Something about that just isn’t right.  
We, as citizens and parents, and, more specifically, our elected board members and hired administrators must do better.  We live in a competitive world.  We all want the best for our own kids, but we also compete to attract students and teachers to YISD.  Recently we’ve had issues attracting and retaining both.  Having state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, as well as broader curriculums not only helps our own kids but also bolsters our ability to compete.  I think there are several points the district needs to address:
First, there are numerous students have been pulled from this district by their parents and sent elsewhere for a number of reasons.  That’s something the school board needs to address – retention.  Broader and better programs for our students and more engaging, long-term teachers and other staff will help.  
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