Letters to Editor

Politicians today guilty of ‘Stolen Honor’ 


Dear Editor,

Congressman Vela’s decision to boycott the Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States was disappointing, but not surprising. Citing objections to statements made by the President and their alleged incitement of discrimination against a group of students from Weslaco, Vela seized on the opportunity to jump on the boycott-train, leaving the District’s proverbial seat at the table empty on Inauguration Day. The pettiness of his supposed indignation was at no time more evident than when Secretary Clinton herself, who was called a liar and a crook to her face, took her seat on the platform. After the most bitter presidential campaign season in recent memory, if anyone had reason to boycott the Inauguration it was her – and yet she was present. Why couldn’t Mr. Vela represent his district at this sacrament of our democracy, the Inauguration? I believe I can coin a phrase, here, to describe the reason.


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