President Trump’s Administration A New Ideology

Within the ten days of his presidency and 20 executive orders, President Donald Trump has created more discord and chaos throughout the world, in a rapitidy envy of past and/or would be dictators. The main order now being on the ban of Muslim’s travel to the US from 7 Islamic nations. The presidential action actually being an over-blown reaction to terrorism and envisioned safety threat to Americans.

The presidential move, one of more to come, stems from a new ideology recently voted greatly due to a disenheartened America from the lack of decades of meaningful legislation due to political in-fighting in Congress. That opened a door for a new ideology that candidate Trump was able to fill.

Bottom Line ideology is part of the financial world. It can be cold, harsh, non-compassionate and disrespective of family values and human emotions or feelings -- whatever becomes necessary to fit the Bottom Line..


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