Blain addresses stolen flowers from grave

Dear Editor,

On Friday, December 15, I put a floral arrangement on the grave of my husband, a Navy Veteran who served in the Pacific War and in World War II. I also placed one on the grave of Robert Grunewald, who also served during WWII and his wife, Mary Francis who was my sister in law. Lastly, I placed floral arrangements on Georgie Sauermilch (my mother-in-law) and Aunt Tillie Petrash, Georgie’s mother’s sister. Sometime between the day I placed them at the cemetery and December 22, a thief removed them. I feel certain they are in another cemetery. Does this person think they are doing their loved one honor and blessing by putting stolen flowers on their grave? When you read this, you will know a higher power has seen you.

Caroline Blain


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