A concerned grandmother

Dear Editor, 

We need buses and school crossings. My 10-year-old granddaughter lives in an area that the school district says is out of the school’s two mile radius of distant or major highways for busing transportation. 

I spoke with the bus barn manager Mr. Beau Daniel voicing my concerns and he voiced that they will have to meet on this problem. Accidents have been happening. It should’t take a tragedy for this to be remedied. 

Cuero school district covers five schools that are all right in the street that are in question to the problems. 

From East Bailey, my granddaughter has to walk 1500 block down to East Reuss Blvd. on the North Valley down past E. Prairie Street to East Sarah Street where the new John C. French on up to East Park Heights Drive where my daughter complains that the glare to her eyes affects seeing the students. The high school is around to your left and Cuero Independent School for 4th and 5th grade. Then left Quarry Lane is the new Hunt Elementary School. Next to Cuero Indepent School is the Jr. High School. 

All those streets should be considered major highway with total traffic going through. Please help keep our children safe. 

A concerned grandmother 

Angie Bowles 

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