At a crossroads

Dear Editor,

I am very tired of hearing “We are all in this together.” No, we are not. The Left is using this Communist planned-demic as their last-ditch effort to destroy our economy and President Trump. The Left, the swamp, the Globalists, one worlders, Marxists, and Socialists all fit in the same pot, and the Democratic Party has sold out, as well.

We are definitely at a crossroads. We did avoid the disaster in 2016. Hopefully, America will wake up to see the devil working to destroy an America built on Judeo-Christian values. We had Obama for eight years working to fundamentally change America. In his convention speech, Obama repeatedly mentioned “Our Democracy.” Democracy is what Communists call for. The United States of America was established as a Republic, meaning ruled by law and our constitution, not a popularity contest.

So this year, make your choice: high taxes to pay for all the freebies, free college, government so called health care, open borders, free abortion for all, high utility bills and all those good sounding Socialist ideas like redistribution of wealth and government fix everything, then vote Democrat, the party who took God out of their platform and under God out of the pledge.

If you might like the idea of reduced taxes, opportunity for jobs, support life for the unborn, controlled borders, robust economy, support of international friends like Israel, low unemployment, constitutional judges, more freedom, less regulations, then you might vote Republican, the party who believes in our flag and a Republic under God.

Obert Sagebiel


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