Cuero parent addresses dress code

Dear Editor,

To the CLS board members and Anthony Netardus:

As a Cuero ISD parent, I would like to know what the Cuero ISD student is “supposed” to look like? How can you tell the difference between a Cuero student and an out-of-town student? What happened to every kid being unique in their own way? Why should a student’s hair length matter on what kind of education they receive? If a students hair length has an affect on what kind of education they receive, then the teacher is the problem, not the student!

This is more of a personal matter than a school matter and should be addressed as. You should never feel “embarrassed” because of the way a child looks. You are only speaking for a small portion of the people. The majority of Cuero ISD students do not participate in the stock show that happens only once a year. You can still raise a responsible child with or without long hair. Let’s teach our kids that having respect, morals, and values are more important than looks!

Autumn Gamez

Cuero ISD parent

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