Entrepreneurship Grant Program revised

By Patrick J. Kennedy

Executive Director, Cuero Development Corporation

For fiscal year 2017-2018 (October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2018) an updated Entrepreneurship Grant Program, the program designed to assist new businesses or start-ups, will be implemented by the Cuero Development Corporation (CDC). The CDC Eligibility Questionnaire for the Entrepreneurship Grant Program may be seen online at www.cuerodc.com and click on “view all programs” on the home page or by coming by the CDC office at 214 E. Main.

The CDC works in conjunction with the University of Houston-Victoria Small Business Development Center (UHV-SBDC) in the processing of CDC grant applications. Documentation of a completed Business Plan from the UHV-SBDC is a requirement for submission for several CDC grant programs. This year, UHV-SBDC will provide guidance to individuals applying for the Entrepreneurship Grant by assisting the individuals complete the CDC Entrepreneurship Grant package.

As reported by the US Small Business Development Administration, a business is successful based on two fundamental principles; sufficient capital and proper planning. Realizing this, the CDC requirement for the completion of a business finance course, provided by the UHV-SBDC or some documentation of proficiency, is still required.

“Opening a business is always a risk,” said Joe T. Humphreys, Director of the UHV-SBDC. “But by going through this process many of the unknowns are identified. Risk is not eliminated, but they are better known.”

The CDC Entrepreneurship Grant Program is a three-step process. First, the CDC eligibility Questionnaire is completed, submitted to the CDC for approval. The next step in the process is to begin meeting with the UHV-SBDC to complete the CDC Entrepreneurship Grant Package.

The expected timeline for completing the package is four-eight weeks. Once the package is completed, the Entrepreneurship Grant application is prepared, included in the CDC Entrepreneurship Grant package and sent to the Board of Directors for approval.

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