'The greatest loss of all'

Good day Yorktown,

I had the pleasure of meeting John Barth for the first time in Dec. 2016, while I was serving as a Yorktown City Councilman. As we sat and discussed the possibility of his becoming Yorktown’s new City Administrator, little did I know of the extraordinary talent and commitment the young man possessed, not to mention the love he had for his hometown of Yorktown.

John was hired as Yorktown City Administrator in February 2017. He immediately went to work to rectify the numerous problems associated with our small town.

A dedicated city staff worked alongside John, and knew the magnitude of the problems of which I speak. For those of you unaware of the difficulties Yorktown endured, financial and reputational, feel free to contact me so that I might enlighten you. Working hand in hand with his staff, utilizing his intelligence, strong work ethic and seemingly boundless energy, John was able to bring Yorktown back from the brink of financial ruin.

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