Have you had her carrot cake?

Dear Editor,

Annette Rath and her team are amazing! I called the Pecan House to inquire about a birthday cake.

Annette explained the options to me, and we decided that for 20 guests, I would need her signature carrot cake. She was right! I did need her signature carrot cake, and I will never forget that sensational dessert. It was seven decadent layers of carrot cake. Each layer was filled with scrumptious, silky, smooth cream cheese icing. When I cut the cake, all of the air was quickly sucked out of the room with the AAAHHHH moment! Everyone was amazed that there were so many delicious layers under the lovely icing. It was crowd pleasing, beautiful, luscious, and a great birthday surprise for my husband, Steve! If you have not had Annette’s signature carrot cake yet, I just have one question. What are you waiting for?

Rhonda Fotiades


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