HEB staff: A job well done

Dear Editor,

To Morris and the staff at HEB-Cuero; If I could reach the stars, I would give them all to you - for a job well done in the midst of a crisis during Hurricane Harvey. Your staff was exceptional at handling the throngs of evacuees that traveled through Cuero to safe havens with family, stocking up on supplies enroute. Your efforts to supply the demands I am sure were overwhelming, but you handled it like Texans.

You even keep your gas at the same price-my hat off to you and HEB management for that decision-it did not go unnoticed! When I asked a staff member when HEB was closing-her response was “When it is no longer safe for us to be here”! Texans know how to handle a crisis! Merci, Gracias, Grazie, Asante and Thank you! I am proud to have HEB in Cuero!

Dr. Phylis B. Canion

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