Langhoff clarifies Lutheran Church readings

Dear Editor,

A recent letter to the editor by Mr. Keith Bracewell, contains some misinformation about the Lutheran Church. At this time there are different synods of the Lutheran church in our area and they have different teachings about the LGBTQ and abortion. Abortion is simply the killing of an unborn child. The 10 commandments clearly say ”Do not Kill”, and God’s word teaches repent and sin no more to the LGBTQ Community.

In regard to the Lutheran church, if the church is one of our LCMC (Lutheran Church in Mission for Christ) or LCMS (Lutheran church, Missouri Synod) churches we are sure that the LGBTQ movement is wrong and that abortion is the killing of an unborn child. If the church belongs to the ELCA, (Evangelical Lutheran Church in American) then the church may bless same sex unions and the LGBTQ movement and condone abortion at the discretion of the local pastor.

These pro LGBTQ people would rather not discuss the issue since many church members in ELCA congregations do not support abortion nor same sex union.

I join with Mr. Keith Bracewell in the belief that God’s word is supreme and churches that try to make it fit today’s wrongful desire to partner with another person of the same sex is just wrong, sinful, and not in God’s plan for procreation.

Yours in Jesus Christ.

John Carlton Langhoff,


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