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Dear Editor,

That fateful day is coming when your unelected chief appraiser will send you a notice of the value of your real property, i.e. home, rental property, business or vacant land. That day will arrive about April 1 to April 15. Ian many cases, the property will be overvalued. Then your school district, county, or city will want to tax you based on the appraised valuation.

What can you do about this inflated valuation for property taxes?

1. You may file a protest which must be resolved by May 15 each year.

2. Get a copy of the appraisal district’s property tax card on you property and on similar property. The cards only costs .10 per property at the appraisal district office in Cuero.

3. The time to protest is right after you get the latest appraisal notice in April.

4. Compare your properties with other like properties in your area.

5. Homes are valued by Class I to V based on age, type of construction, and state of repair.

6. Land is valued by acreage with smaller tracts given a higher price per acre.

7. In Texas, the value of a property is not recorded in the deed records (Non Disclosure).

8. Make plans to attend the “Property Tax protest” meeting sponsored by the DeWitt County Taxpayers’ League on April 29, 2019.

Time and place to be announced.

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