Message from the Mayor: Yorktown receives $1M in federal grants

Good day Yorktown:

I have excellent news to report to you with regard to City of Yorktown matters.  On January 14, 2019, the city applied for federal funding grants through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s 2019-2020 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program for the purpose of funding much needed water utility infrastructure improvement projects.  

On August 12, 2019, the city also applied for a separate CDBG Disaster Recovery (DR) grant for Hurricane Harvey recovery and flood mitigation infrastructure projects. The City of Yorktown has received notice that it will be awarded both grants.  The CDBG, in the amount of $275,000, will be utilized to replace and upgrade city water lines in the eastern portion of the city.

Under this project, dilapidated and/or outdated cast iron water lines will be replaced by new PVC piping material.  Additionally, existing water mains will be replaced with larger diameter PVC pipe, thereby increasing water pressure and quality throughoaut the eastern portion of the city. The CDBG-DR grant, totaling $793,105, will be utilized to install storm drainage infrastructure in the western portion of the city which is susceptible to flooding.  

The project will include installation of culverts, drainage pipes, and outlets ensuring water is diverted off our streets, and will assist in reducing the potential for flood damage to households and streets in the vicinity of the project. The combined total for the two grants Yorktown has been awarded is $1,068,105.  

As the city was required to match a portion of the smaller grant funds, I consider it a remarkable accomplishment for the City of Yorktown to be eligible.  That eligibility is due in large part to the improved financial condition of the city as a result of better management of city funds.  

To my knowledge it is the largest grant award in the history of Yorktown, and one that would not be possible without the extraordinary work of John Barth, Yorktown City Administrator and his team at the City. We have and will continue to make tremendous progress for the city and citizens of Yorktown.

Bill B. Baker

Mayor City of Yorktown

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