A message from the Yorktown Mayor

Good day Yorktown:

First and foremost I wish to extend my sincerest thank you and appreciation for the confidence you placed in my by electing me to serve as Yorktown Mayor. We, Yorktown’s citizens, have chosen to make this small town our home, and I personally feel we are most fortunate to be able to experience the benefits of such a dynamic small town. It is my hope as Yorktown Mayor to incorporate positive changes and enhancements to the overall operations of the city.

In doing so it is my desire to include each and every one of you in the process. Likely, we can agree there are many aspects which can be improved and it is my intention to accomplish these through working together as a unified community. There are several goals that I feel are important to the City of Yorktown and its citizens.

They include the following:

•Complete transparency of all city matters

•Financial stability and growth with regard to city finances

•Continued growth of sales tax base to improve overall city finances

•Unification of citizens to promote growth, safety and a united community spirit for all Yorktown citizens

•Exceptional “customer service” by all City of Yorktown staff

Obviously, there are many other issues to be addressed to improve our city.

My plan is to touch on the goals listed above as well as other matters in upcoming newspaper articles. I urge each of you to follow our progress and offer your input as we move forward with various changes and improvements.

It is my sincere hope that together we will make Yorktown a better place for all and a city we can be proud of.

Thank you,

Bill B. Baker

Mayor, City of Yorktown

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