An outpouring of generosity

By Robert Proctor

The Cuero Record

Tragedy can strike at a moment’s notice. Many families throughout southeast Texas and into Louisiana have experienced, are experiencing and will experience trying days in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the flood waters which followed. Hope, though, was ever-present with the outpouring of generosity shown from Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast.

The larger the city affected, the more well-known the story. For example, Houston has been hammered with rain and flooding. The fourth largest city in the country has seen donations pour in from everywhere, from close to home with J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans starting a fundraising effort which has raised over $28 million to the Tampa Bay Rays offering not only their stadium for the Houston Astros’ series against the Texas Rangers last week but also giving all proceeds to hurricane relief efforts.

Some small towns, though, can often go overlooked. Even though Cuero was not hit nearly as hard as Houston, Rockport, Victoria or many other towns, the threat was nonetheless evident and scary for our citizens.

I no longer live in Cuero, but my family is still here on McArthur, one of the areas greatly affected by the flood of 1998. Upon waking up Sunday morning, Aug. 27, my older brother, Alex, noticed the water level was rapidly rising and decided we needed to get all the essentials out of our house to be safe.

My mother decided to text Cuero High School football coach/athletic director Travis Reeve and ask if there were any coaches or players around who would be willing to help move things out. It wasn’t long after that Reeve not only responded but brought a contingent of coaches, players and friends to help get the job done.

Cuero ISD is full of teachers and adminstrators who have been giving constantly during this trying time. Superintendent Dr. Micah Dyer has worked tirelessly along with co-workers throughout the District to make sure people have what they need during this trying time.

My family’s story is only one example of people in Cuero who care about the people in their community. There are defintely many more, but this one hits close to home.

Trying days still remain, but it’s encouraging to know that people in leadership in our community care about those in need.

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