'With rights comes responsibility'

Dear Editor,

We do not have a problem with guns in this country. We do not have a problem with mental health in this country. The problem in this country is people. The majority cannot put two simple words in one context. Whatever issue there is, the word “rights” comes up almost instantly. The word “responsibility” never crosses anyone’s lips. It doesn’t matter which subject in the Bill Of Rights is addressed, the only word that’s ever brought up is “rights”. Hard truth, with “rights” come “responsibility”. We can continue with more legislation on these subjects, more laws that continue to complicate the issue and keep the wealth flowing into the legal industry. Or we can change things with a revolutionary idea. Our system hasn’t worked, so let’s change what hasn’t worked. What hasn’t worked is the types of leadership we continue to put into office without checkpoints. We have allowed the correct term of “representative” to be taken over with the word “leader”. People have the ability at hand with every election to start to fix the problems. The problem is the people do not have the courage. A mob, an insurrection, riot, destruction or whatever it could be called, will fix nothing. The fix starts right here at the local ballot box. It starts with people ensuring the candidates understand they are seeking a position of representation, not leadership. Holding accountable and responsible for those seeking the representative position. It begins on the local level before it can move to state and federal.

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