Sagebiel reflects on election

Dear Editor,

One nation under God. Ronald Reagan said, “If we forget that we are one nation under God, we will be a nation gone under.” From the very founding of our country, the Christian religion was the cornerstone our country was built upon. Even if our previous President claimed we were not a Christian nation, a lot of the world still sees us as such.

My thoughts on the election. I can certainly feel for President Trump after his accomplishments amid constant harassment from the left and fake news media. How much time, effort and money was spent trying to get him out of office? With all that effort as well as blaming him for the epidemic it would not be hard to believe that the Democrats would make the effort to rig the election, because they never got over the loss in 2016.

We feel that we were blessed to have elected President Trump in 2016, an answer to many prayers. To think we would now return to the party we had in the White House for the prior eight years, that has taken God out of their platform and under God out of the pledge, what can we say but God help us!

Remember, we pledge to the flag and republic (not democracy) one nation under God. Now, we have the left, the swamp, the globalists, one worlders, Marxists, socialists, Black Lives Matter, antifa and council on foreign relations working with billionaire George Soros and foundations to turn our dear ole United States of America into socialist or communist nation on way to (new world order) one world socialist government.

Obert Sagebiel


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