Schorre proposes idea

Dear Editor,

Congratulations indeed for the Gobbler football team bringing home their fourth State Championship to Cuero. What one exciting game to watch and appreciate this team and coaches. All Cueroites had to be most proud. However, towards the end of the game, a thought occurred to me: “Why is it that our stellar Gobbler Stadium is not named after the man who had the most influence on our outstanding Gobbler tradition?” That would be, of course, William “Buster” Gilbreth, coach of the ‘73, ‘74 and should have been ‘75 championship teams. I’m asking anyone who agrees to talk with others and propose to the school board to rename Gobbler Stadium in honor of one fine American, coach “Buster” Gilbreth. The lives he improved and the men and women whose lives he changed are immeasurable. Think about it: “Buster Gilbreth Gobbler Stadium” has a nice ring to it, huh? Go Gobblers!


Jeff Schorre

Class of ‘76

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