Susie Albert thanks dog rescuers

Dear Editor,

On Saturday night (June 3) my husband and our border collie, Gypsy, made a late night trip to HEB. When my husband went to put groceries in the truck, the “magical, disappearing” Gypsy, slipped out the back seat door without my husband seeing it. As he left and got to the train track, he received a phone call from a couple stating they had our dog. Huh?? He looked around in the back seat and yup, no Gypsy.

So to the sweet couple who rescued our beautiful 10 month old border collie, Thank you. She could have gotten onto the road, been stolen, or no telling what. My dogs have always had tags with their name and our phone number, so the small amount I spent for it surely paid off last night. In our 39 years together, Gypsy has been our fourth “problem child” (border collie) but their love is unconditional and we would never have any other type of dog. My border collies might not know how to herd a sheep or cow, but they definitely know how to herd which end of the couch to lay on.


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