Westhoff ISD thank Wal-Mart for donations

Dear Editor,

Westhoff School’s faculty, staff and students would like to extend the most gracious of thanks to Cuero Wal-Mart for the generous donations of school supplies. Each year, Westhoff School is able to provide all school supplies to every enrolled student at no cost to the parent or guardians, through the hard work of its P.T.C and Spring Festival fundraiser.

With the additional generosity of Cuero Wal-Mart, Westhoff School is able to provide to the students to help further their education during this school year. With class sizes, being the largest they have ever been it is truly wonderful to be able to meet all the supply needs of every student.

This year Westhoff School is really emphasizing reading and its importance in student’s education. The school library has purchased new books for all grade levels and students are ordering books from Scholastic Book Club. At the first P.T.C. meeting in September, the school is hosting a book fair.

On September 4, all students were taken on a field trip to the Cuero Public Library. There, they were given a tour of the facilities and each were given library cards.

Already it has been a very exciting first few weeks of school.

Westhoff School is where “Kids Come First” and with the help and generosity of outside groups and individuals, they are able to fulfill their school motto.

Alyssa Phelps

Westhoff ISD

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