Where is the Yorktown Historical Marker?

Dear Editor,

DeWitt County Historical Commission periodically surveys markers in the county, cleaning and refurbishing them as needed. Erected in 1968, the Yorktown marker which stood near the Vietnam Veterans’ monument has been missing for several years.

Commission members have been told that it was knocked from its post during an accident and picked up by city employees. It was stored for a time until it was given to someone who offered to put it back on a post for re-installment.

Current commission members are not aware of who may have offered to do that but are grateful if it has been cared for.

It should be put back up. If anyone knows where it is, please contact Marge Kacir at 361-243-8888 or ctkacir@msn.com.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Marge Kacir

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