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Buttercup the service pup

By Allison Flores

The Cuero Record

At only eight months old, Buttercup Allen, a Goldador (Golden Retriever and Labrador mix) passed her Public Access test Saturday, July 20, making her an accredited service animal, allowing her to serve as a visual guidance dog for her human,  Jeana Allen.

In October of 2017, Allen noticed that she was bumping into door frames, people and began missing steps while walking, causing her to fall numerous times, even injuring herself.

Allen realized one night while watching television with her husband, Tim, that she could not see anything out of her right eye. After extensive doctor’s visits, Allen was diagnosed with two forms of glaucoma in both eyes, or mechanism glaucoma, which had caused the pressure in her right eye to raise, damaging the optic nerve.

She could no longer use her peripheral vision past her nose to the right, and had lost her depth perception, making daily tasks difficult. Unfortunately, after two laser surgeries, Allen’s vision had not gotten any better.  

“I had gotten to where I didn’t feel comfortable going anywhere by myself,” said Allen, “I was continuously running into people and having to apologize.”

Allen explained that near the end of 2018, she began having dreams about a yellow dog.

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