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2020 General Election results for DeWitt County

By Allison Flores 

The Cuero Record


As we close out the 2020 General Election, DeWitt County citizens have proven dedicated to fulfilling their civic duties. With 12,138 registered voters in DeWitt County, a total of 5,411 voted early in-person, which is nearly 45% of total registered voters. On Election Day, 1,731 DeWitt County citizens took to the polls. 

DeWitt County saw a total of 58% of registered voters participate in the 2020 General Election, roughly the same percentage of voters as the 2016 General Election (7,142 total votes in 2020; 6,912 total votes in 2016). 

Looking at the 2016 General Election, DeWitt County had 11,787 registered voters with 4,145 heading to the polls early. On Election Day in 2016, 2,767 voted in-person. 

An increase in early voting in DeWitt County for the 2020 election could be COVID-19 pandemic related. Folks may have taken the time to vote early to avoid large crowds and long lines on Election Day. Either way, DeWitt County showed up for this election. 

Texas overall saw roughly 1.8 million more people register to vote in 2020 than in 2016; Texas had over 9 million people vote early both in-person and by mail, which is an estimated total of 57% of total registered voters in the Lone Star State. This early voting number is big in multiple ways: it surpasses the total number of votes for the entire state during the 2016 Election, which was roughly 8.9 million. 

At the federal level, according to the Texas Secretary of State’s election website, Texan voters cast their ballots in favor of President Donald Trump. However, Democratic nominees, former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris became president and vice-president-elect as of Saturday, Nov. 7. 

Here are the unofficial voting numbers in Texas for the presidential race as of Monday, Nov. 9: Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence (I) (Republican): 5,860,096; Joseph R. Biden/Kamala D. Harris (Democratic): 5,211,406; Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy “Spike” Cohen (Libertarian): 125,145; Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker (Green): 33,109.

Following are DeWitt County’s unofficial results for the 2020 General Election: 

DeWitt County Sheriff

 Carl R. Bowen (Republican): 6,378

 Jeff “Rooster” Thompson (Write-In Candidate): 786


U.S. President and Vice President

 Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence (Republican): 6,567

Joseph R. Biden/Kamala D. Harris (Democratic): 1,494

 Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy “Spike” Cohen (Libertarian):46

 Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker (Green): 11


U.S. Senator

 John Cornyn (Republican): 6,399

 Mary “MJ” Hegar (Democratic): 1,384

 Kerry Douglas McKennon (Libertarian): 84

 David B. Collins (Green): 20


U.S. Representative District No. 34

 Rey Gonzalez (Republican): 6,300

 Filemon B. Vela (Democratic): 1,335

 Anthony Cristo (Libertarian): 70

 Chris B. Royal (Independent): 70


Texas Railroad Commissioner

James “Jim” Wright (Republican): 6,291

 Chrysta Castaneda (Democratic): 1,401

 Matt Sterett (Libertarian): 100

Katija “Kat” Gruene (Green): 27


Chief Justice, Supreme Court

 Nathan Hecht (Republican): 6,279

 Amy Clark Meachum (Democratic): 1,407

 Mark Ash (Libertarian): 103


Justice, Supreme Court, Place No. 6 Unexpired Term

Jane Bland (Republican): 6,383

 Kathy Cheng (Democratic): 1,351


Justice, Supreme Court, Place No. 7

 Jeff Boyd (Republican): 6,280

 Staci Williams (Democratic): 1,374

William Bryan Strange III (Libertarian): 84


Justice, Supreme Court, Place No. 8

Brett Busby (Republican): 6,282

Gisela D. Triana (Democratic): 1,322

 Tom Oxford (Libertarian): 98


Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place No. 3

 Bert Richardson (Republican): 6,329

Elizabeth Davis Frizell (Democratic): 1,387


Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place No. 4

 Kevin Patrick Yeary (Republican): 6,345

Tina Clinton (Democratic): 1,357


Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place No. 9

David Newell (Republican): 6,345

 Brandon Birmingham (Democratic): 1,354


State Senator District No. 18

 Lois W. Kolkhorst (Republican): 6,501

 Michael Antalan (Democratic): 1,281


State Representative District No. 30

 Geanie W. Morrison (Republican): 6,960


Justice, 13th Court of Appeals District, Place No. 4 Unexpired Term

 Jaime Tijerina (Republican): 6,319

 Migdalia Lopez (Democratic): 1,362


Justice, 13th Court of Appeals District, Place No. 6

 Clarissa Silva (Republican): 6,329

Nereida Lopez-Singleterry (Democratic): 1,339


District Judge, 24th Judicial District

 Jack W. Marr (Republican): 6,868


District Judge, 135 Judicial District

 Kemper Stephen Williams (Republican): 6,838


District Attorney, 24th Judicial District

 Robert C. “Rob” Lassmann (Republican): 6,813


Uncontested Candidates Declared Elected

County Attorney: Jay Condie (Republican)

District Clerk, Unexpired Term: Esther Ruiz (Republican)

County Tax Assessor-Collector: Ashley D. Mraz (Republican)

County Commissioner, Precinct No. 1: Curtis G. Afflerbach (Republican)

County Commissioner, Precinct No. 3: James Kaiser (Republican)

Constable, Precinct No. 1: Kelly J. Phelps (Republican)

Constable, Precinct No. 2: Jefferson Hobbs (Republican)



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