72 active COVID-19 cases in DeWitt County; 70 recovering at home

DeWitt County officials are reporting changes since the Nov. 13 update. There are 13 new cases to report. Ten of the individuals live in the Cuero zip code. Three live in the Yoakum zip code. There are 72 active cases. Two of these patients are hospitalized. Seventy are recovering at home. One previously diagnosed cases has recovered.

Although a total of 1,096 cases have been diagnosed in DeWitt County and reported to the Department of State Health Statistics since Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency on March 13, the case count may vary due to different reporting deadlines. Of this total, 29 are known to be duplicated entries. Ten are known to be reported in the wrong county. This error typically occurs when test results are received from the Yoakum area and the patient’s residence in is Lavaca County.

Taking into account the above-referenced errors, the county believes the correct number of recoveries stands at 969. The deaths reported to the state stand at 55.

County officials made statements about the categorizing of two unrelated deaths into COVID-19 deaths on Sept. 28 and Oct. 19 and subsequently found the information to be false. Officials apologize for the confusion this inadvertent error caused in the community and will strive to make sure all information communicated to the public in the future is factual and proven.

In an effort to slow the spread of this infectious disease, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued Executive Orders during this period of emergency. His latest executive order continues to expand occupancy limits in certain businesses in Texas, as well as, open medical facilities for elective surgery and allow visitation at nursing homes in regions where hospitalization of COVID-19 patients is below a recommended ceiling. Trauma Service Area S (TSA-S) which includes Victoria and DeWitt Counties is currently below the ceiling which, in turn, allows for the continued expansion of business services and restaurant activity. Judge Fowler signed documents allowing bars and related establishments to open Oct. 14. If hospitalizations begin to rise in the future, bars can be closed to foot traffic under the governor’s executive order. The list of trauma service areas can be obtained at www.dshs.texas.gov/ga3031.

DeWitt County does not meet the governor’s criteria for a waiver of the requirement to wear a face mask in public when social distancing cannot be achieved. Before a county becomes eligible, the rolling 14-day case count must be under 30 new cases during the previous 14 days.

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