And action!

By Roger Cowan

The Cuero Record

The buzz started early Monday morning. DeWitt county residents were asking each other over social media, texts, and emails about what was hapening in Nordheim? Fire? No. Police chase? No. The source of the information investigation? A film crew on the side of Highway 72 near Edgar and Gladys’ Cafe.

Speaking with San Antonio-based producer Liz Hollingsworth, it was learned that Good Hope Films came to Nordheim to shoot a pivotal scene in their short film production “Bagatelle.” The film relates the story of four European symphony musicians who find themselves living in and playing churches and small venues throughout south Texas. The film explores the dynamic and complex relationships between people who have been so close for so long. 

Written and directed by Daniel Levin, the film stars Blake Delong and Eugene Kregzde. Kregzde is a Latvian native who discovered a love of acting as an adolescent. She has starred in numerous films and stage productions. Delong is a Texas native with over 20 acting credits to his name, as well as writing and producing numerous other films.

Hollingsworth said the group came to DeWitt County due to the beautiful locations, and the wonderfully friendly people. Location shoots are planned for Yorktown, Westhoff, Nordheim, and Cuero.

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