'Anything could happen'

By Cameron Wallace

The Cuero Record

We all know how bad last February’s weather was. A winter storm and everything that went with it.

There have been conflicting reports floating around. Some people say that it’s going to be warmer and dryer than normal, and others say we’re going to have another deep freeze.

What better to set the weather record straight than to go to the source:  Newscenter 25’s Chief Meteorologist, Brian Alonzo.

“Right now, we’re in a La Niña pattern. For us here in south Texas, typically--and I emphasize, typically--that means it’s going to be a warmer and dryer weather pattern for the winter, but this is a long-range prediction, and things change.”

Things change? According to Alonzo, “At the same time, yes, you can have, embedded within the winter months an event where it could be a potential flooding event, or it could be like what we saw in February when a big arctic freeze comes in.”

This is what people get confused about. Alonzo continued, “I posted what December is going to look like on my Facebook page, and a friend of mine said, ‘that means no snow?’ I had to tell him ‘maybe.’”

“We always keep an eye on what happens to the west of us, where we get what’s called a cutoff low that could happen. That means there’s a lift in the atmosphere, and as that low moves to us, it could cause precipitation, and if it mixes with the cold air, yeah, we could definitely see some winter precipitation.”

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