Council discusses amending police reserve force, debt service

Yorktown City Council met for their regular meeting Aug. 14.

City Administrator John Barth explained that the $146,000 payment is the City’s last debt service payment for the current fiscal year. It is the debt service for the bond for the streets and the park water well.

Barth explained that the four different accounts with Texas Disposal Systems may be due to the different pick up days or is separating for commercial/residential, but he was not sure.

Council accepted payment on City bills.

No action was taken on the water conditions at 222 Yorkt Street as presented by Mary Kozielski.

Barth said the main reason why the water is discolored is due to the magnesium and iron which is naturally present in the City’s water. Barth stated that magnesium and iron is safe. Barth also explained he has deduced that Kozielski most likely has galvanized lines in her plumbing. Overtime the galvanized lines constrict and reduce water pressure. Galvanized lines also can cause the discoloration of the water.

DeWitt County Emergency Management Coordinator Cyndi Smith discussed the county’s emergency management plan and explained that Yorktown falls underneath the scope of such plans. 

She stated she needs documents to be signed to affirm the City falls under the County’s Emergency Plans so she can submit the documentation to the State.

City Council requested that Smith provide additional documents and an overview of the Emergency Plan before the City signs off on anything. The item was tabled.

There was discussion on amending the police reserve force ordinance. Police Chief Daniel Cortez explained the reason to change the ordinance is because he is looking at some projects that would require more manpower. The reserves would be required to work 24 hours with no pay. Council approved increasing reserves from the limit of five to a limit of 10.

Barth presented Council with the 2017 Appraisal Roll which lists the net taxable value for the city at $89,590,090. Barth also presented council with a document from DeWitt County Tax Assessor – Collector Susie Dreyer with the certified anticipated collection rate of 100%. Council approved.

The 2017 effective tax rate is .58253 cents per $100 valuation, and the rollback rate is .60676 cents. The effective rate would raise taxes by around $7,000 due to new properties being added, and the rollback rate would raise taxes by around $28,708. The motion carried to approve the rollback rate.

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