County receives appraised property values

By Allison Flores

The Cuero Record

At Monday morning’s DeWitt County Commissioners meeting, Judge Daryl Fowler stated that he had received the certified appraised property values for DeWitt County from county tax assessor/collector, Ashley Mraz; although the values are certified, the county has not yet adopted the values, making them unofficial.

The 2020 total appraised real property and mineral values in DeWitt County are $5,672,359,827; this is a decrease of $744,945,592 compared to 2019’s value of $6,417,305,419.

As Fowler mentioned, after applying the tax rate, the County will be receiving $3,496,551 less in tax revenue for 2020. However, the judge assured commissioners that the county would not look to raise the upcoming tax rate due to a bountiful reserve fund, along with an estimated $6 million to be received by the County from the State for road repairs.

“Two things are possible,” said Fowler, “we have reserves that we can draw from to fulfill [projects] with the road and bridge fund–offsetting that, we have $6 million coming in from the State of Texas for the road repair. A combination of that money and reserves, or using the state money to slow down the local contribution on your road projects [would] keep our tax rate the same.”

Commissioners could make no motion on the appraisal values and moved on to workshop further on the FY21 budget.

Two public hearings are set for Monday, Aug. 24 at 9 a.m. for DeWitt County pertaining to the annual written archive plan for funding the preservation and restoration of the county clerk’s records archive. Monday morning’s commissioners’ meeting appointed James Pilchiek to the General Assembly of the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission, with Richard Randall appointed to the Board of Directors of the GCRPC effective Sept. 1, 2020, through Aug. 31, 2021.

The County moved along the agenda, approving to continue receiving county road and bridge fees and other state-sanction local fees for the fiscal year 2021.

A temporary right of way was granted for Burlington Resources Oil and Gas Company LP for the installation of a dual water line along Edna Hattenbach Road in Commissioner Precinct No. 1.

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