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Curriculum program sparks online petition

By Anna Noel

Yorktown News-View

A petition has been started recently to remove a curriculum program from Yorktown ISD, Achieve3000. Students were assigned to read an article within the program called, “Dr. Levine is Here to Help”, an article detailing the author’s goals for equality for the LGBTQ community and her personal journey. The article was assigned to several different grades and ages within the school during the Time to Own it class period. As the petition states, “The class period itself holds no academic value and is not counted in the student’s credits. It, therefore, stands to reason that this assignment also has no actual academic standing.”

The petition also objects, “Many parents became aware after school when their students brought up the subject matter and how uncomfortable they were doing the assignment. Many students said that teachers told them just to do it so ‘they (teachers) didn’t get in trouble.’”

“As concerned parents and citizens, we are petitioning for the removal of this program, Acheive3000, from the Yorktown ISD curriculum. Until further research is done into the company, who they receive funding from and overall content of the program is reviewed and put before the school board, we are asking that the use of Achieve3000 be immediately removed from YISD classrooms. Reinstatement would be pending approval of content by school board, parents and administration per a cohesive meeting where all concerns are addressed and it is insured that controversial instruction of any sort isn’t present.”

YISD Superintendant Kuenstler said in a statement, "We have been informed of parents' concern regarding some of the content shared through the Achieve3000 program. We have temporarily suspended access to the program and are working with the company regarding a comprehensive review of all future content. We appreciate your partnership in ensuring an equitable education for all YISD students. With regard to the petition that has been started, we are not involved in that and have no comment on it."

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