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DeWitt County 2019 constitutional amendment election unofficial results

By Allison Flores

The Cuero Record/Yorktown News-View

About 1,700 DeWitt County voters participated in the Texas 2019 constitutional amendment election on Nov. 5. Across the state, voters took to the poles to vote on 10 different propositions, including proposition 4, which  would prohibit state income tax on Texas residents, and make it harder to enact a state income tax in the future.

Voters leaned towards all but one proposition to be passed in Texas; Prop. 1, permitting a person to hold more than one office as a municipal judge at the same time, failed locally with 1,075 against and 610 for, and across the state by two-thirds majority.

Listed are the unofficial results for the DeWitt County 2019 constitutional amendment election:

Proposition 2- additional Texas Water Development Board bonds. Local voters approved 953 to 709, and passed statewide 64% to 36%.

Proposition 3- temporary property tax exemption for disaster areas. Local voters approved 1,432 to 243, and passed statewide 86% to 14%.

Proposition 4- prohibiting state income tax on residents. Local voters approved 1,513 to 181, and passed statewide 77% to 23%.

Proposition 5- sporting goods sales tax to fund parks, wildlife, and historical agencies. Passed locally with 1,490 for and 199 against; passed statewide with 87% for and 13% against.

Proposition 6- increasing bonds for Cancer Prevention and Research Institute. Locally passed 969 to 700; passed statewide 64% to 36%.

Proposition 7- increases distribution to state school fund. Local voters approved 1,105 to 559; passed statewide 73% to 27%.

Proposition 8- the creation of a flood infrastructure fund. Passed locally 1,159 to 507 and statewide 76% to 24%.

Proposition 9- property tax exemption for precious metals in depositories; passed locally 990 to 637 and statewide 54% to 46%.

Proposition 10- transfer of law enforcement animals to handlers or others. Locally passed 1,565 to 104 and statewide 94% to 6%.

For more information about each proposition, visit www.sos.state.tx.us/elections/forms/2019-propositions.pdf.

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