DeWitt County Drainage District GM explains the dangers of littering

By Allison  Flores

The Cuero Record

On Friday, Feb. 1, Beth Parker informed the Cuero Development Corporation’s Community Leader’s Meeting the dangers and effects of littering to the DeWitt County Drainage District (DCDD). “One of our biggest problems we have, something that costs us a lot of money in terms of man power and cleaning it up, is litter.” Parker confirmed. Parker continued, “You would not believe the number of things that get thrown directly into our channels.” Parker explained that litter thrown into the city streets ultimately ends in the drainage systems, and causes dams to form that do not allow water to flow through the drains, and leads to flooding. “We had a really extensive litter blockage of our main channel around Alonzo Street,” Parker stated. She continued on to say that the DCDD has crews clean some areas weekly, and progress is sometimes unnoticeable.

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