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DeWitt County TRLP hosts Leaders in Action meeting

Interested DeWitt County residents met June 25 to begin the Leaders in Action portion of the DeWitt County Texas Rural Leadership Program. DeWitt County TRLP will have local DeWitt County facilitators host a series of Leader in Action sessions for DeWitt County residents beginning in late summer.

“This is our chance as community members to take that next step and put our words into action and make that thing we think is so important to have in our community happen,” DeWitt County TRLP Coordinator Brian Gomez said.

Of the 254 counties in Texas, DeWitt County was one of the few targeted early on by TRLP to take part in this free program.

The Texas Rural Leadership Program is in partnership with Texas A&M AgriLife and Texas A&M’s Public Partnership and Outreach office – focused on asset-based community development and the concept that every community member contributes skills, talents and connections. Assets include more than just money and infrastructure. Education and skills of residents, social connections, cultural heritage and traditions, political process, and environmental assets are equally important.

“I want to invite you to participate in the DeWitt County Texas Rural Leadership Program,” Anthony Netardus said, DeWitt County AgriLife Extension Agent. “This is all about us, learning as a community, how to help ourselves. We have local challenges and need local solutions. Part of the process of giving a voice to more of the community.”

Texas A&M Extension, TRLP Program and UHV Center for Community and Business Development are active resources in the TRLP program.

Gomez believes there is great potential for this program to benefit the entire county.

“With the tools that are taught, it’s not a one time thing,” Gomez said. “It’s equipping the participants to go out and maybe form a separate group. It should grow exponentially. I’m hoping that we take advantage of it. “Imagine the things we can do with the training being offered to us.”

DeWitt County residents interested in participating in the Leaders in Action portion should contact Netardus (361-275-0816) or Gomez (361-275-9193) to learn more or register. Participants of all ages and interests are welcome.

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