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'Grasping the American Dream'

Gelasio Garcia's lasting impact in the community

By Jacob Stock

The Cuero Record

What is the American Dream? You can say the American Dream is a term that varies in meaning, but through all accounts working hard and remaining persistent with your goals provides a recipe for success. Anyone, regardless of what country they were born in or what class they were raised in, can achieve the dream through hard work, risk-taking, and faith.

Gelasio Garcia’s life was built on his hard-working nature. People in the community that had the luxury of knowing Gelasio realize how big of a family man he was, and how hard he would work from sun up to sundown. He was known for his love to joke around, leaving beaming smiles on people’s faces.

“He loved to joke around,” expressed Linda Garcia, Gelasio’s beloved wife of 38 years. “That was one of his passions,” added Ernest Cuellar. “That was just him, that was the kind of person he was. Anytime you needed something and he could help you, he would. Even if you didn’t pay him back he would love to help the person that needed it,” said Mrs. Garcia.

Born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Gelasio came to the United States with a mission centered on his work ethic. “As long as he was working that was his passion. His passion was work,” noted Mrs. Garcia. “When he did a job it had to be perfect. He couldn’t find anybody to be quite like himself. He would finish doing a job and go back to make sure everything looked perfect. If he missed a spot he would go back and finish it up, never leaving it undone.”

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