Hall warns community about hacking

By Robert Proctor

The Cuero Record

Hacking is a serious crime but one that many people may thankfully know very little about. Cuero citizen Jim Hall had to deal with the unpleasantness of his email being hacked last March. This resulted in the loss of a multitude of valuable and personal information. On Dec. 28, 2018, Hall received an email from his own account telling him that hackers not only knew his password, but it stated his password, the information they stole and their demands. The sender encouraged him to change his password, but they would still know the knew one. “So, you can change the password, yes.. But my malware intercepts it every time,” the email stated. “I thought it was a bluff, then with the personal information I knew it was real,” Hall said. “I wasn’t worried about the computer or files but what he would do. I was worried about how he was able to do that.”

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